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Robot story contest results!

2015-08-18 08:30:35 by NipponDevil

So after a very long wait, the results for the writing contest are up!

I'm pretty happy that I made the top three. I'm not sure if there are places or not. That is to say I'm not sure if the fact that my name is wedged between two other names means that I'm just part of the top three or I placed second. I typically do place second, I've never been first in my life. Among my brothers, I was born first however! But that was the only time I was first that I can think of.

Man, Dungeon fighter online is sooo much fun! I'm thinking about writing a 4-part series in the writing forum based off my time with the game. Of course it wouldn't be about me, but an elf peacekeeper trying to achieve her subclass advancement. It wouldn't be writen as a game, but more like a "What if there was a fantasy world that functioned like a free to play MMO?" Just toying with the idea. I need to write something for fun, it feels like recently I've been trying to bake morals into all of my stories. I think my stuff reads a lot better when I don't have a "political" agenda and just write about characters, or at least put the characters ahead of the message. It's what the reader's going to apriciate most anyway.

TL;DR: Ranked in a writing contest, possible 4-part story based on DFO and other F2PMMO games.

Thinking about doing more spritework for my game, and some of it could wind up on the art portal, so keep an eye out there as well! Of course, I have to unpack my computer, which won't come off the shipping truck untill friday. That's provided they aren't late...again.


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